Reggy Buklerewicz

Administrative Assistant

Reggy Buklerewicz

Regina "Reggy" Buklerewicz serves the Pastor and Leadership of Midway Baptist Church in so many ways to keep God's House running smoothly. She previously served as director of Promised Land Ministries Food Pantry, Clothing Bank, and showering program and helped the Pastor and Church to establish this exciting new community outreach until God could send others to help in the administration.

She assists not only in the day to day operation of the office but in visitation and outreach. She has her own personal ministry regarding gift baskets for the hospitalized and shut-in.

Reggy is a retired (1994) civil service worker who loves doing ministry. She worked for 28 years at an army installation. She was born in Massachusetts to a family of seven. She moved to Alabama in 2002 as a first time homeowner. She has two calico cats named Patches (mother) and Jigsaw (daughter). She has one older sister and three younger brothers. Her parents are deceased.

Reggy was saved and baptized at Midway Baptist Church and now has another family and friends that truly love her. She is such an asset to the Pastor, leadership and entire church and willing to help anyone.