Youth Directors- Asst Puppet Director

Steve and Melanie Gouine

Steven and Melanie Gouine were married December 2010. Steven had an eight year military career in the Army and has done two tours overseas. He now works for Buffalo Rock Distributing Company. He has a 11 year old son named Christian. Christian loves basketball, football and video games. Steven & Melanie also became parents to a new addition t the family, to a baby girl-Chloe, who is now a year old and growing always. Melanie is a 4th grade teacher at a Columbus  Elementary School. She also serves in the Praise Team at Midway and has a love for music.

Steven and Melanie are the youth leaders at Midway and have a passion for ministering to our young people. They are also on the Team A Leadership Team at Midway and serve at Promised Land Ministries on Saturdays.

   March 2019   
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