Steve Landon


Steve Landon


Praise The Lord!! Praise The Lord!! God keeps on Blessing!

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Angie, and three beautiful kids. One of which is married and is now starting a family of her own. As I continue to serve the Lord my days have been filled with joy and peace.

Growing up was a challenge, however; God saw fit for me and my family to have a life that’s pleasing to him.

In November 1999, I gave my life to Christ as an adult fully understanding what it meant to serve the Lord.  I had a near death car accident in 2001 that caused paralysis to the left side of my body and 10% brain damage.  Thank the Lord I'm not paralyzed anymore.

In October 2006, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 14.  She went through several treatments of radiation and chemotherapy.  It was rough for her and the family.  Fortunately our church family was very loving and supportive. I am so proud to say that she is the child who is now being blessed to start a family of her own.


I still have struggles that I deal with sometimes daily but I know where my strength and joy comes from...the Lord!


Steve and his wife Angie served as part of Midway's Care Team Leadership and served the church in so many other areas of ministry and are a blessing to all.