Senior Pastor

Jeff Dravenstott

Jeff Dravenstott has been serving as the senior pastor of Midway Baptist Church since April 2005. Pastor Jeff was born and raised in Ashland, Ohio. At the age of eighteen, he joined the Army and spent the next 19.5 years serving the government around the world. With 19.5 years of military and federal service, God called Pastor Jeff into full-time ministry. He wrestled with completing 20 years but felt God calling him out immediately. Pastor Jeff left within the month and has never regretted a moment.

Pastor Jeff was saved at the age of 30 under the ministry of Pastor Walter Lee Hodges of Grace Baptist Church, Columbus, Georgia in 1987. He felt at the time of his salvation that God gave him the gift of evangelism. For the next 10 years, he served on the evangelism team and as a Sunday School Teacher. He went on to become an Associate Pastor and then planted a church called New Hope Baptist Church in the North Highland community of Columbus.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Practical Ministries from Beacon University. He then went on to Luther Rice University and graduated with a Master of Divinity.

Pastor Jeff and Chris were married in 1985.  Chris is an English teacher at a high school for the Muscogee County School System in Columbus, GA.  Their son, Samuel, is working as a teller with a Columbus Bank and working on his bachelor's degree in Finance.  Melanie, their daughter, is married to Steven Gouine and is teaching fourth grade at a Muscogee County Elementary School.  Steven and Melanie serve as our Youth Directors.

Chris serves as director of the church's WMU and is a Sunday School Teacher.

Pastor Jeff loves to run, spend time in the mountains, and read anything related to church ministry and evangelism.

Associate Pastor - Worship Leader - Music Director - Evangelism Director

Jon Lewis

Pastor Jon was born and raised in a Christian home in Central Kentucky.  He was saved and baptized in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Subsequently, he rededicated his life in 1997.  He is a graduate of Luther Rice University.

He and his wife Liza have one daughter and one son. They serve as Care Team Leaders.

Jon serves as Associate Pastor and Praise/Worship Leader (music director) and serves on the Leadership Committee Church Council of Midway Baptist Church and Team B Leadership Team (with Liza). Pastor Jon is currently teaching a Sunday School Class on Revelation.

He also ministers weekly at Promised Land Ministries and has since the community outreach was launched June 1, 2013.

Beginning March 7, 2014 he will begin a weekly teaching series on Fridays on "God's Financial Plan - Understanding Financial Bondage and How to be Set Free." This series is open to anyone desiring to know more about God's Word in these areas. A free hot meal will be served at 11 a.m. The study begins at 11:30 and those desiring or needing groceries will receive them at the conclusion of study.

Liza serves as Children's Director at Midway and works to inspire children both in Sunday School and Awana.


Steve Landon


Praise The Lord!! Praise The Lord!! God keeps on Blessing!

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Angie, and three beautiful kids. One of which is married and is now starting a family of her own. As I continue to serve the Lord my days have been filled with joy and peace.

Growing up was a challenge, however; God saw fit for me and my family to have a life that’s pleasing to him.

In November 1999, I gave my life to Christ as an adult fully understanding what it meant to serve the Lord.  I had a near death car accident in 2001 that caused paralysis to the left side of my body and 10% brain damage.  Thank the Lord I'm not paralyzed anymore.

In October 2006, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 14.  She went through several treatments of radiation and chemotherapy.  It was rough for her and the family.  Fortunately our church family was very loving and supportive. I am so proud to say that she is the child who is now being blessed to start a family of her own.


I still have struggles that I deal with sometimes daily but I know where my strength and joy comes from...the Lord!


Steve and his wife Angie served as part of Midway's Care Team Leadership and served the church in so many other areas of ministry and are a blessing to all.

Deacon/Grounds Maintenance

Michael Lewis